a concept by Saurabh Moody
Tarun SamvediManuj Porwal


Jan 15, 2013 - After 21 Days Today, we have done a major release of the app. And with this we also have enabled notifications, so now all the emergency contacts will received notifications of all the activity. Soon, we will start mailing the audio recordings to the registered mail address of our users.

Jan 2, 2013 - After 10 Days After 146+ hrs of being locked in a room, this is what Me, Tarun and Manuj come out with SUSPECTS REGISTRY - FOR WOMEN - which we can use to easily report any act of misbehaviour with women, managed by our facebook community - join us now and help us make this a stronger community to make WOMEN feel more SAFE.

December 24, 2012 - DAY 1 Seeing everyday frustration surrounding us with all this happening to all the women. Making the capital and our country being labelled as not safe for women. Myself along with two dynamic duos - Tarun and Manuj decided to do something by making Suspects Registry - FOR WOMEN (which we wanted to go live in next 24 hrs) to help WOMEN to take control of the situation.

Thanks Facebook for helping us spread the word with 450+ shares and more than 200,000 people -  in less than 24 hours.


Few features to begin with:
1) Track your location and keep up to 3 family members of yours, whenever you feel uncomfortable in any situation.
2) Hit PANIC Alarm not only notifies everyone with your latest Location but also with a 60 SECOND RECORDING of the panic situation you are in.
3) You can photograph any public transport and its driver - this will help us create a repository for every public transport and its driver.
4) You can also record any incident (i.e. any form of harassment to women) with picture - This helps us mark the safety of that area and help others to avoid that place at reported times.
5) Above all, Record Any Incident feature uploads the image instantly to our Facebook Page - bringing it notice to our community very quickly.

We will be testing this app (SUSPECT REGISTRY) till 15th Jan, 2013; during which all the incidents reported will be monitored but NO ACTION WILL BE TAKEN. This will help us smooth execution of the app after incorporating all of your feedback. In case of any issue, feedback or suggestion FEEL FREE TO MAIL US AT - saurabh@realbox.in