Suspects Registry - FOR WOMEN mobile app comes out of beta, launches today

By Realbox Media
January 15, 2013

Saurabh Moody New Delhi, India – RealBox Media - a software product research company led by a Microsoft alumnus - Saurabh Moody, announced Suspects Registry - FOR WOMEN mobile app launch today. Seeing everyday frustration surrounding us with all this happening to all the women. Making the capital and our country being labelled as not safe for women. "We decided to do something by making www.suspectsregistry.com to help women to take control of the situation," says Tarun Samvedi, Research Developer, RealBox Media.

On January 2, 2013 - After 146+ hrs of being locked in a room, this is what Saurabh and Tarun came out with SUSPECTS REGISTRY - FOR WOMEN - using which we can use to easily report any act of misbehaviour with women. We manage this by the help of our facebook community www.fb.me/suspectsregistry - join us now and help us make this a stronger community to make WOMEN feel more SAFE.

"We were very excited, thanks Facebook for helping us spread the word with 450+ shares and more than 200,000 people -  in less than 24 hours.", says Saurabh Moody. With unique features like 60 SECONDS RECORDING of the panic situation you are in and ability to record any incident (i.e. any form of harassment to women) at specific locations - will help you mark the safety of that area and help others to avoid that place at reported times. This feature was inspired by seeing everyone from government to News Channels talking about that there should be a registry of all the people who misbehave with Women. One of the biggest benefit being the Sound Recording, Photographs, SMS Notifications and Geo Location can also act as Legal Proof of the incident and will be helpful for the legal authorities to establish the case against the suspect.

While we were building this, we read somewhere that police was facing difficulties in tracking the vehicle or the driver in case of any incident being reported because they didn't have any picture to search and with plain descriptions tracking becomes very challenging. Therefore, we added a feature to photograph any public transport and its driver for precautionary reasons and also create a repository for every public transport and its driver. So that in case of emergency or reporting we can easily track the vehicle and the driver.

Our team is continuously working towards stabilising the mobile app and launching it for other mobile platforms, currently this is available for Android phones.

About RealBox Media Private Limited
RealBox was started in 2010 by Saurabh Moody. And known for its patent pending social platform for the businesses. They have plans to introduce this soon for Indian Businesses.

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